San Francisco Singer-Songwriter Kathleen Dunbar performs her blend of rootsy, humorous, and spellbinding storytelling about tragedy and redemption through her original song compositions in the Americana tradition. A musical journey into the darkness of the heart, love, betrayal, steamy romance, and the transformation of the spirit after passing through the flames.

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"With her recent CD The Storm in Our Head Kathleen Dunbar and her literally amazing band of talented Devils, achieves a rare and utterly unique blend of musical and lyrical symmetry. Highly recommended!”—Russell David  

“The Storm in Our Head has just renewed my appreciation for story-telling songs. The genres mix beautifully to form a potent eye of the ‘storm’ to which you'll gladly be swept.”—Music Emissions  

“Kathleen has a gorgeous voice! People compare her to Joni Mitchell.”—Elliot Schneider/GrokRock/ChestnutRadio  

Skott Freedman of writes, “There’s a purity in singer-songwriter Kathleen Dunbar’s voice rarely found these day….Dunbar’s debut album Finally Home is to be applauded for its originality, cohesiveness, and polished musicianship." 

Finally Home, Dunbar’s first album, was a Recommended Album of 2008 by American Music Online Radio. Girlistic Magazine named it as Must Have Music, Spring 2008.